Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tips to remember for UPPCL AE(T) Exam 2016 on 18th May

Many of the candidates seems to be excited for the CBT(Computer Based Test) i.e. for the written examination part for getting Assistant Engineer post at UPPCL. Folks It may be helpful to look into following tips for your boosting your preparation -

  • Focus on revising what you have learnt previously. Practice more and more number of objective questions and do not forget to practice IES previous year questions as the questions of IES comes regularly in every competitive examinations these days and you can see 50-60% questions of IES in PSU exams. 
  • Do not waste much time in doing big new theories and focus on theoretical part . As the exam is of objective type, Make sure you have done enough questions for the given subjects.
  • Revise each and everything so that you should be confident in solving majority of questions in exam. Remember cut off of last selected candidate is around 55-60% for these type of PSU exams having around 100 no. of vacancies.
  • Also take some amount of time in aptitude , GS and hindi part. Those who are not having speed in aptitude should learn the tricks for solving general aptitude questions so that their time is saved in the exam for solving those technical questions which needs just some extra time.
  • As the exam is having negative marking of 0.25 so you may not fear much by this negative marking. Seen many of the students attempt less number of questions once they see there is a negative marking. 1/4 negative marking is not a fearful one. You should understand this logic that attempting less questions may not lead you to cut off if you are not damn sure of accuracy in the questions you attempted i.e. If you want to come out of examination hall with 110 questions attempted may lead you into trouble because you may not be sure of accuracy but cut offs are sharp!!! So it is advisable for students to take calculated risks in these exams.
  • Calculated risks does not means you just add 10 more questions to your basket saying abracadabra! It means add those 10 questions first in which chances are 50-50 and it also means giving no blind guesses i.e. do not attempt if you are not sure.
  • Elimination method is very useful in these exams which means you should eliminate options and get the correct answer by eliminating all the wring ones. It may also help you in taking calculated risk.

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