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Continuing Private Job or A Drop : A Big Dilemma after B.Tech

Many of the candidates after doing their B.Tech are unable to decide whether to continue his/her job in a private company or quitting and trying for government sector exams or pursuing higher degree like M.Tech. Here are some practical guidelines for them.
Taking drop is not an easy process. There are various things which come in mind while deciding this & following are the points that stop a candidate from taking risk and trying:

1. Lack of self confidence to crack cutting edge competition.
2. Many fear a loss of job as a higher risk and would be jobless if they fail.
3. Fear of losing bond money.
4. Less no. of vacancies in government sector might be an issue in some branches.
5. Unavailability of a good coaching center.
6. Peer pressure from parents to always keep their son/daughter labeled as employed. 

One by one let’s check out the above mentioned points-

1. Lack of self confidence to crack cutting edge competition.

This generally happens with most of the candidates. If a candidate is having a high self confidence he would knew that A Big ship is always safe at the shore , but that is NOT what it is built for. Taking calculated risk is a very first step in deciding to prepare and getting your dream job. The students should understand that by devoting themselves towards study , proper dedication along with sincere efforts will definitely lead them to success . Furthermore those who still are thinking negatively should use the following self evaluation technique-
Self Evaluation to decide-
  • Candidates having 1000-5000 rank in GATE exam are definitely having enough potential to cross any PSU exam or GATE exam by just taking a substantial risk & giving serious efforts. Many such students achieve success within 6 months.
  • Candidates having 5000-15000 rank in GATE exam are having moderate potential and needs prolong serious preparation to achieve success. Such students may take a year long preparation. Risk factor is also moderate.
  •  Candidates not qualifying GATE exam needs to think twice as the exam checks your aptitude(Marks of General Aptitude & Maths are enough for qualifying)  and you are seriously struggling somewhere. It is not to discourage anybody here as Many success stories comes from this category of students also. Again these fellows needs “Strongest dedication of their life” as their risk factor is somewhat high.

Self evaluation using GATE is not needed in case one decides to do hard work sincerely. Doing self evaluation without GATE , a candidate should study the paper She/he wants to crack -
  • Check whether by seeing exam questions you get a gut feeling of doing them with some practice that is you are ok with the level of questions in the exam
  • Check the syllabus whether you are having trouble in most of the subjects or its just some of them which are weak.
  • Check whether you are still into solving easy problems. If you are not gone far across in job you should definitely be able to cope up with your new target.

2. Many fear a loss of job as a higher risk and would be jobless if they fail.

Again the people who are just having their appointment letter from some MNC or IT sector or are currently working as executive in these companies needs to evaluate themselves, whether they look forward in making a career in pvt sector or they want to go in the public sector. Many of candidates are struck in this & soon the time flies. So seek the below points for quick action-
  • Check whether the profile suits you or not You can also check the profile senior to yours suits you or not? (because in some time you will also be promoted to the next level) This issue may be serious for those who get Group B or below government posts
  • Check whether the compensation package given to you currently is matching with the sector you want or not? You can also check the compensation you will get after a year or two because this much time may be elapsed from your preparation till your joining?
  • Some homely ones can also check for location because in govt sector location is not in your hands.
  • Check whether the joining can be delayed by some time or not ? If the company can give you yearlong leave without pay than it’s the best strategy to snatch time & get to study.

3.Fear of losing bond money :

  • Remember the simple trick, Don’t just resign, Let them expel you. Means if you resign on your own they can ask you and send you summon for bond money rather if they expel you when you are continuously ill & want to work (though not truly work but act to) but cannot join due to medical urgency & here is the trick , Soon they will fire you from themselves without paying off any bond money.
  • Remember the fact that in India Bonded labor is not allowed, Employer can never keep your original marksheets and degrees ( for which law is very strict that the director of such company who keeps the marksheets as bond can be jailed ) So don’t fear if your marksheets are there.
  • In case they force you to resign, start collecting the things they have shared with you in your joining letter like if they told you during recruitment that they have sat-sun off however they make you work on sat sun then you can quote that the company is not following the conditions told to me during recruitment process. Collect as many such points as possible.
  • The bond money or service agreement they make is that they require the expense they have incurred in your training.
  • Practically just let it not be a fearful situation because some organizations are helpful too and can have full n final settlement without taking bond money alsoThis happens in organizations where might be On Job Training is there (Means not much amount spent on your training).

4. Less no. of vacancies in government sector might be an issue in some branches.

Yes the branches like Computer Science Engineering / Information Technology and Electronics might have less no. of seats in competitive exams as compared to all other branches. So accordingly the competition is very high for the exams having a few seats. This can be seen in exams like IES where cut off of electronics branch is the marks of topper in electrical branch!!!  So the question arises on how to decide on this factor?
·         As seats are less the risk of not getting selected increases & one should not be quick in deciding to drop rather he/she should take wise decision by using Self evaluation technique discussed above.

5. Unavailability of a good coaching center.

Those who really tried hard with themselves and now they want coaching classes & cannot do without them should keep in mind that many students cross exams without any coaching classes. But many will argue with the fact that now as the competition is increasing, So the coaching is very necessary? Well in that case the coaching is also not a primary school as they cannot provide you from the basics, They just polish your concepts. Even by joining a good coaching does not mean that you needn’t work hard. Even than you need to study yourself. The serious candidates should not mainly depend on coaching institutes.

6. Peer pressure from parents to always keep their son/daughter labeled as employed.

The parents in our country take a pressure from the society to keep their children working & not sitting idle (taking drop) & they exert the same to them. Well in this regards make your parents believe you by giving them the examples of successful people, your career choice and your passion towards the goal you want to achieve. Definitely they will believe in you than the society. Those who go against their parents should make this as the most important reason to work hard and be successful. 

All  d best !!!

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