Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Preparation along with Job Is it possible or not?

Many of the guys in IT sector or working in some MNC or private company or having an appointment letter in these have a dilemma of taking drop or going on Job & having a question whether preparation along with job is possible or not ? The answer is yes if you see the many successful job goers. But please don’t be judgmental by just seeing someone in your company or some senior or friend or colleague doing this thing. She/he may be extraordinary enough to have full concentration while on job and you might not have that much of capability. As everybody is having different attitude towards managing work-study balance, Preparation along with Job is possible keeping in mind the following-


For those going office on Mon-Fri, Studying on Sat-Sun, It might sound easy but its really very hard. Imagine its like working 24*7 . A private job may brings a mental stress. But those serious enough are leaving work in office & study in home. There is no perfect formula for maintaining Work-Study balance but some wise ones even found a way out to study in office also – like in library, during long lunch, surfing Wikipedia, GS preparation etc in office time. Work should be given the priority in such a way that staff doesn’t know that you are having something different in mind during office hours. Just balance the work in office. Do not sound and behave extraordinary there.Stay like a duck looking silent from above but keep paddling hard beneath. Just keep track of your concentration level. Means just do not involve in disturbing activities, Avoid parties in office, meanwhile trade off that extra time to sharpen your axe. Fill your pot drop by drop .Though Study needs full concentration but there are some subjects that do not always needs much concentration like Maths /GS, So try to finish these subjects in office time. The vision should be clear that before the exam you have to finish all your subjects & plan your time accordingly.


This is for office goers as well as for full timers. Now a days the competition is not just hard work .Today you can never achieve success without doing smart hard work which is explained below-
·         Understanding the syllabus of the competition thoroughly and suppose there are 10 subjects. As of now you cannot just prepare 8/10 subjects thoroughly & leave 2 subjects, who knows mostly questions come from those two subjects.
·         Thus Smart work includes the principal of fragmentation of subjects which means you will prepare all 10 Subjects but going to divide each subject into small fragments or sub topics & preparing 80-90% of these fragments. Like for example each subject having 50 major topics or fragments . So in 10 subjects there are 500 topics, So overall you can leave 50 fragments & though you left 50 from mixed subjects still you can prepare 90% overall.

Fragments of each subject
Total Fragments
You Prepared
You Left
% Preparation
450 Fragm.
50 Fragm
90%(with fragm)
8 Subjects
80%(w/o fragm)

·         Doing the part generally left by others i.e GS/Aptitude/Reasoning/English. Though these may look tough initially but these are the most easy ones when you prepare them. They are like scoring subjects once you have a grip on them. 
    Staying with those who will bother you for anything but work will not be helpful if you want to snatch time in your journey. Try to get into a solo room or look for someone who is also preparing for exams like you do. The working candidates will not much understand your ambition & definitely going to divert your attention & waste your precious time.

    Never feel shy to ask for CL/SL/EL (leaves) strategically before some important exam. Leaves are your fundamental rights in any organisation. Some of the fellows might argue that their bosses or managers are very strict, well in that case nobody is going to make a sick person work no matter what. Try the craziest sickness ever like some internal problem. Take leaves & the important thing is to utilize the leave for what it is taken. It may be very precious thing for you at that time. Use your mind & get fueled for the comming exam.

     Those preparing & having a DO or DIE situation should go into hibernation from social media till you succeed in the exam. This is just to keep yourself away from giving away necessary time & to keep your office mates away from you. More means of communication, more will be the disturbance of WORK-STUDY stability. If you are having a removable battery phone, do not hesitate to remove your battery remove your SIM card & let your office mates or bosses hear a NOT REACHABLE tone if they ever tried to call you after office hours. This is a very nice trick to avoid office office things during your precious time.

     Try to act bogus and a hell slower during office. Nobody will give you the crucial work then. However use high efficiency mode during studies. 

      In the end remember
    Whatever We Can Think Our Mind Can Achieve !!!

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